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Alexa Skills

The internet of things has been a trend in recent years. From cars to homes, everything is slowly moving to the internet. With products like the Amazon Echo, the voice-enable home assistant (Alexa) has been trained to learn new skills to assist consumers. Due to its success in the US, Amazon chose to strategically team up with Rogers to embed itself effectively in the Canadian market. 


In this project, the objective is to design a non-visual user journey for brands like 680 News, Sportsnet, radio such as KISS 92.5 and CHFI and Today's Parent. Each of these brands has a different end goal for users but the focus of these skills should be intuitive, conversational, enjoyable and the ability to access specific content without any hurdles.  


Working with the brand teams and strategists, we figured out specifically what would be most useful and essential service for users on each brand. We also took considerations that we would provide services consistently with the brands. Music radio brands such as Kiss 92.5 and CHFI, the essential task is to play radio. However, we also added a feature where users can ask Alexa what song is currently playing or played in the past. But with radio brands like 680 news which provides more information other than news,


Designing user journey and user experience aren't the only task in this project, language and dialogue also play a big part. So often users wanted to accomplish a task using shorter dialogue flow, they lose the accuracy of the intent. Taking this into consideration, we need to flesh out all the possibilities of wording and instruction on how the users interact with Alexa in order to get to where they want. We then explored the intent


Voice UI

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Today's Parent
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