​Design & Photography

Arnold Palmer Long Form

Whether it's the professional golfer or the drink, everyone’s heard the name Arnold Palmer at some point. PGA Tour, one of the largest North American organizer’s of flagship professional golf tours, sought to pay tribute to the late Arnold Palmer by writing a biography of his life and his contribution to the sports community. PGA Tour reached out to Omnigon to execute on this vision, and I was assigned as the design lead for this project.

Art Direction, UI/UX, Visual Design

Video Animation by Michael Dipede
Copy by Mike McAllister

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Visual & UI/UX

Visual & UI/UX

Working with UX lead, our goal of this project is to generate emotions in the user through visual design & interaction design. We want to create a space where the users can immerse themselves into the accomplishing journey of Arnold Palmer. By adding subtle animations and smooth parallax scrolling, it has enriched the user experience significantly. We want them to enjoy it, remember it, and to eventually share it. 


See the full 8 chapters here in this desktop prototype.