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Banana Boat

Website Redesign


The sun care market has continued to see strong growth over the years in Canada. Banana Boat, a sunscreen company, had realized the need for an online presence in Canada to meet their objectives. To date, they have not had a brand site to feature their products, specifically in Canada, or news about their products and promotions to Canadian consumers. My task was to design a cost-effective website for the brand which featured all of their products, news about their brand and facts & tips about applying their products.

The website is designed with large and colourful lifestyle images to promote the idea of having fun without worrying about the dangers of the sun. Consumers are protected by Banana Boat and are free to do anything under the sun.

After the site redesign in Canada, the U.S. devision wanted to adopt the same design. The Banana Boat U.S. site follows the same structure as the Canadian site with minor tweaks.


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