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Schick Hydro: Licence to Grow

Schick Hydro:
License to Grow

Facebook App

Schick Hydro/Movember Promotional Campaign


The License to Grow event was the second year Movember and Schick Hydro paired up to create a sponsorship program. Building on Movember’s 2011 creative theme, Moustache Season, an integrated Schick Hydro marketing program was created. Every season, activities such as boating, fishing and hunting, requires a license. So Schick Hydro gave men the ultimate license - The Schick Hydro License to Grow.

This platform was leveraged across in-store, online and on the streets. My task was to create brand identity for this campaign and ensure brand consistency between both Hydro and Movember creative themes. I also worked on the digital experience in facebook, creating a facebook app for users to personalize their Hydro Movember license. Users simply need to “Like” Schick Hydro’s facebook page, go into the app, upload their picture and click on the moustache they desired to grow. In the end, users can print out their license with Schick Hydro razors and refill coupons or show if off on their facebook page.

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