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Schick Hydro: License to Grow

The License to Grow event was the second year Movember and Schick Hydro paired up to create a sponsorship program. Building on Movember’s 2011 creative theme, Mustache Season, an integrated Schick Hydro marketing program was created. Every season, activities such as boating, fishing, and hunting, requires a license. So Schick Hydro gave men the ultimate license - The Schick Hydro License to Grow.

This platform was leveraged across in-store, online and on the streets. My task was to create a brand identity for this campaign and ensure brand consistency between both Hydro and Movember creative themes. I also worked on the digital experience in facebook, creating a facebook app for users to personalize their Hydro Movember license. 

Art Direction, UI/UX, Visual Design

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