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Schick Quattro for Women: Your Selfie Your Style Contest

Your Selfie
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Schick Quattro for Women Promotional Campaign


Schick Quattro for Women, a date night razor, is a brand that highly focuses on fashion, individuality and styles. They believed that Style Begins Before You Get Dressed. Women who uses this brand has an incredible sense of fashion – style that is innovative, daring, adventurous and fresh. Schick Quattro for Women presents Your selfie. Your style. – a contest that encourages young women to show off their unique fashion style to the world with selfies. Using Instagram and/or Facebook, users are asked to upload their selfie and hashtag #QFWselfie to enter to the contest.  A Canadian fashion blogger will be curating the page, reviewing content and engaging with users. The girl with the most confidence, individualty and flair will win a $5000 shopping spree.


*Note: Final creative is slightly tweaked. 

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